Geolocated tracking of anomalies (A) by satellite

QSEPSAT-A is the ideal decision-aid tool. It is designed for technical managers, operational staff and decision-makers. QSEPSAT-A delivers to your address the day’s anomalies(*) detected by satellite across your territory. QSEPSAT-A compiles and analyses satellite time series spanning several years. This makes it possible to define a so-called “normal” state and to immediately pinpoint anomalies. You are notified daily of these anomalies. Being informed quickly means you can respond accordingly.

(*) An “anomaly” refers to the identification of something abnormal within a one-hectare area. It may be a land slip, sudden deforestation or the impact of a fire or development work. It is particularly relevant information for areas that are infrequently visited or difficult to access. The accumulation of anomalies over time provides information about regions undergoing rapid change.