SEPSAT™, Precision Environmental Tracking by SATellite

A range of high value added products developed by Bluecham SAS

SEPSAT Technology

Reproducible in time providing you with the guarantee of comparable results. Reproducible at any site providing you with the guarantee of comparable results. Rapid production on request. Precise and at the scales specified. Compiled in cooperation with scientists working in the relevant fields


“Satellite imaging” product range

Access the market’s most precise SATELLITE IMAGING tailored to your needs: natural colour, infrared or superspectral images with a resolution down to 30 cm.


"SEPSAT Thematic” product range

Characterise vegetation cover and its change over time, analyse the impact of sedimentary plumes, identify soil types and model their change under the effect of erosion: SEPSAT Thematic provides you with high value added information in response to your specific inquiries.


“SEPSAT Topo” product range

The turnkey integration of geospatial data into your projects. SEPSAT Topo is a range of quality and controlled precision topographical products (ortho-imaging anddigital elevation models) designed to suit your needs.