Benefit from geospatial hubs technology

Development Goals



Monitoring, vulnerability analysis
and risk assessment

Sustainable Mining

Intelligent support & Knowledge monitoring


Well-being of populations
Management of resources
Environmental tracking


Public authorities
Research institutes
Industrial concerns


Appropriation of strategic data
Economic flexibility
Scalable technology
Simplicity & Security
Reduces acquisition costs

Our clients and partners benefit from new resources

Spatial and temporal analysis technology is already here: omnipresent, efficient and at times revolutionary. Earth observation satellites now provide the bulk of geographic data. The issue is no longer to know whether this technology exists but rather how to apply it in dealing with the challenges of sustainable development.

Our team is working to make this technology easily available and economically beneficial for you: that is the real innovation. This approach provides you with new resources, new information, and new tools to support consultations and deliver irrefutable proof.

You do not need to be a specialist to use it, you simply need to know your own business and have access to a web browser. Elected officials, customary law specialists, technicians, water suppliers, fire brigades, industrial companies and scientists regularly use these customised applications.

In offices, training centres, laboratories, operational centres and in the field: we are making headway together









The world’s changing: let’s work together to open new horizons

You are in charge of managing a region or of a mining operation; you have projects, choices to make, threats to foresee and impacts to assess while ensuring optimum use of resources. New solutions are available to you. You’ll save time and money and improve your efficiency.

Whether you are a regional or local authority, company or run a community programme, Bluecham™ SAS is your local partner for space technology and Web-based decision-aid systems that can unlock unexplored analytical, monitoring and landscape conservation potential that will benefit entire communities.

Why choose our company?

Bluecham™ SAS is an innovative company created in 2008. Its local teams understand decision-makers’ concerns and know how to provide them with a solution. Its technology and business model based on cloud computing can deliver risk-free and at lesser cost the best solutions for all issues concerning the coast, water, forests, mangroves, mines, erosion, natural risks, lagoons, reefs and maritime areas. Its tools allow you to take control of data concerning regional and local development, mining operations and urban networks.

  • Skilled

    All Bluecham employees are PhDs or engineers. Each has complete command of his or her specialist field. All are passionate about the environment, innovation and the desire to build projects that are useful to communities and for protecting the environment.

  • Trustworthy

    Our team is constantly attuned to its clients’ needs, as that is an integral part of our approach. We will build a close relationship with you so that we can deliver a precise and rapid response to your questions.

  • Reference

    Winner of the 2007 innovation competition organised by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research, Bluecham is supported by OSEO (a French entity tasked with supporting SME innovation and growth), ADECAL (New Caledonian Economic Devopment Agency) and New Caledonia’s South Province. Bluecham is a business partner of DigitalGlobe, the world leader in the remote sensing and geospatial industries, and a partner of CNES (French Centre for Space Studies) and research laboratories. Comprehensive technology intelligence and a highly diversified client portfolio guarantee Bluecham’s long-term presence in its rapidly changing sectors.

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