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Qehnelo Geospatial Hubs

Qëhnelö , a web-based decision-aid hub for urban planning and environmental management, will meet all your expectations. Any Internet browser will provide you with access to all the knowledge concerning your territory of action. Qëhnelö™ is the new geospatial technology operating in the cloud. Its modular architecture means it can be tailored to your needs. Qëhnelö™ is the first system that provides you with the power of Earth observation satellites on a turnkey basis. No installation or maintenance is required. Why wait? In just 24 hours your system will be up and running, risk-free and without any capital cost to you.

Eight reasons for choosing Qëhnelö

The Qëhnelö™ commitment : PROTECT THE PLANET

Decision-makers are facing tough challenges in today’s world. It’s not easy to keep up with developments, guarantee communities’ well-being and protect increasingly scarce natural resources. But that is what Qëhnelö™ is designed to do. To help protect our planet, we need detailed knowledge and deep understanding. Scientific and technical knowledge and the expertise of local communities are the most solid bases for taking the best decisions. Qëhnelö™ allows you to leverage all this knowledge for your operational needs.


Credit: Reto Stöckli, NASA Earth Observatory

1-Simple and accessible

If you can use an Internet browser, you can use Qëhnelö™. It is intuitive to use and the applications are ergonomic thanks to the particular attention paid to its design. You do not have to install anything or provide any maintenance.

As simple as a browser
Rapidly up and running
Intuitive ergonomics
Fast response times
Regular and automatic software updates
Useable anywhere at any time

2-Save time

Qëhnelö™ will save you time in each stage of the implementation, management and use of geographic knowledge. You will no longer have to wait months to use infrastructure tailored to your needs; we create your own platform at your request.

Time savings :Concept03
Information searches
Data availability
Software maintenance
Fast mapping
Discussions and consultation

3-Added value of satellites

Qëhnelö™ provides you with smooth access to space technology. This makes it easy to track landscapes and anticipate risks.

Reproducible in time
Analytical quality
Rigorous quality control
The most cost-effective technology down to a scale of 1:2000


Qëhnelö™ will allow you to communicate on solid bases and work with your teams and experts. The online dynamic directory allows you to work collaboratively using innovative resources and methods.

Communicate with :
Your teams
Your suppliers
Administrative authorities
The media

5-Find the data you need

Qëhnelö™ delivers content as soon as it is installed. You have access to a vast amount of data that is scattered across the web. Qëhnelö™ enables you to cross-reference this data with your own information to perform analyses.

Significant financial savings
Automatic updates
Permanent monitoring of global databases
Data continuously updated

6-Geographic Information System

Connect them to Qëhnelö™ and cross-reference your information with other sources of data and collect the results. You also have access to new innovative interfaces that enhance the value of your databases. Qëhnelö™ is designed using interoperability standards to ensure it can communicate with all systems.

Financial savings

7-Access mathematical models

Qëhnelö™ connects to remote calculation models. In this way, you benefit from resources that until now were only accessible to research laboratories, such as simulation models for erosion, vegetation tracking, risk evaluation and natural phenomena.

Financial savings

8-Business model

There are very good reasons why cloud computing business models are a rapidly expanding option. They provide financial visibility for clients and spread costs without the need for any initial capital outlay. You are free to choose the services you need and you only pay for what you need.

Financial savingsTechnology in the hands
Visibility and transparency
No capital outlay
Risk-free trial
Freedom of choice

The concept of GEOSAT BIG DATA


One observation satellite of the Earth can produce up to 15 billion data in a square of 10 km of side. There are hundreds, which circulate daily. Qëhnelö™ technology offers privileged access to huge spatial, temporal and thematic data warehouses. The Qëhnelö ™ hubs are channelers of spatial information. With easy-to-use online interfaces, this information is yours.

Qëhnelö™ Geospatial Hub definition

A Qëhnelö™ hub is a set of applications (or software/modules) to which you have secure access via the web. These applications use online resources (geographic and bibliographic databases, directories and mathematical models) and provide you with high value added services (fast mapping, territorial analysis, environmental tracking, forecasting and impact studies).